Melapower – An experiment vs. Tide (with pictures)


Melaleuca’s philosophy is completely different from the grocery store brands:

MelaPower only uses naturally derived, biodegradable surfactants and enzymes to gently, but very effectively, dissolve dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your clothes refreshingly clean with no caustic residue on your clothes.

It includes an all natural stain fighter, a readily biodegradable cleaning agent derived from palm kernel and coconut oils, and is fragranced with essential oils. MelaPower is as gentle on your clothes and skin as rain water.


AN EXPERIMENT – shared from Rhiannon Fitzpatrick @ I LOVE GREEN

About a year ago I filled two glass jars with water. I put 1/8 cup of Melaleuca’s Melapower in the jar on the left and the same amount of Tide liquid in the jar on the right. I stirred them. I put a piece of plaid fabric in each and put on the lid.

The Melapower has looked the same from day one…clear like it is in the picture with the fabric remaining bright with no sign of any fading. In the Tide jar you can see how the extra chemical fillers never dissolved. They have settled into a pile of white powder residue at the bottom of the jar. I can not even see the fabric but can guess that it has been damaged by the chemicals.

The thing that concerns me more is that some of this residue must remain on our clothes, sheets, towels and in our environment.

Melaleuca uses naturally derived ingredients that are biodegradable and really work and don’t leave harmful residues on your clothes. Also, there are no phosphates in our products. I have met so many families with eczema, allergies and asthma and the first thing I suggest is to change their laundry detergent to Melaleuca’s Melapower.



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